saxdor 400 gtc

Your Private Island


This latest addition to our flagship series, the Saxdor 400, is a testament to superior design and engineering. Crafted for twin outboard rigs and engineered with our unique naval architecture, the Saxdor 400 promises an unforgettable journey every time.

The Saxdor 400 GTC stands out with its innovative main deck design. Like its sibling, the GTO, it features a wheelhouse that spans the full beam. However, the GTC takes luxury a step further with its vast, insulated glazing. This architectural masterpiece bathes the interior in natural light and warmth while shielding you from the whims of weather. A serene, bright space where you can relish the beauty of the seas without compromise.

Externally, the expansive lateral terraces offer abundant room, creating an ideal setting for our modular furniture to unfold in elegance. These terraces, combined with the unique wing design, enhance guest mobility, aspiring to the freedom of a private island.

The Saxdor 400 GTC is more than just a boat; it’s a statement of style and sophistication. Every aspect has been carefully designed to please the eye and elevate the boating experience, making every journey aboard the Saxdor 400 GTC a moment to cherish.
400 GTC


Starting price with 2 x Mercury 350 hp V10 engines*
* Prices valid until 30.09.2024. Recommended retail price excluding local applicable taxes and other applicable costs such as freight, export & import forwarding charges, handling fee, transport & delivery fee, pre-delivery inspection & installation fee, engine commissioning fee, handover cost, safety equipment, batteries, insurance, inspection and registration fees. Saxdor reserves the right to modify the specifications and pricing without prior notice.


Overall length excluding engine12,4 m
Beam3,55 m
Max. draught1,05 m
Max. engine power800 hp
Max. speed range35-48 knots
Fuel capacity1000 L
Diesel for heater capacity25 L
Fresh water capacity210 L
Gray water tank capacity105 L
Black water tank capacity60 L
Outboard engines700 hp – 800 hp
Specifications may be changed without prior notice. Performance may vary due to equipment, weather and load conditions.