saxdor 320 gto

The Show Stopper


Saxdor 320 GTO is a combination of Italian design, American functionality, German quality, and French pricing. GTO comes with a T-top and walk-around deck. All three versions (GTO, GTC and GT) share exquisite design, fast, powerful outboard performance, and a refined, economical hull shape.
320 GTO


Starting price with twin Mercury 200 hp V6 engine*
* Prices valid until 30.09.2024. Recommended retail price excluding local applicable taxes and other applicable costs such as freight, export & import forwarding charges, handling fee, transport & delivery fee, pre-delivery inspection & installation fee, engine commissioning fee, handover cost, safety equipment, batteries, insurance, inspection and registration fees. Saxdor reserves the right to modify the specifications and pricing without prior notice.


Saxdor 320 GTO hull is resin infused which will result lighter and stiffer molding. The hull gives nice and soft ride. Those twin steps ensure it maintains a wonderfully flat running attitude when planing. The grip is prodigious.

Maximum power comes from twin 300 hp Mercurys. 320 GTO will achieve a top speed of well over 50 knots with an optimum cruising band between 20 and 40 knots. The single V8 engine with 300 hp provides a 40-knot top speed with cruising speed close to 30 knots.

Crafted for unmatched comfort, the 320 GTO delivers an exhilarating, enjoyable, smooth, dry, and effortlessly maneuverable ride.


320 GTO is both modern and sporty, but has a high level of comfort. Its performance hull is seaworthy, safe and easy to drive. The most notable feature is the versatility of the cockpit. Below decks it’s clear that the 320 GTO should be comfortable in a role as weekender, not just a fast, handsome dayboat.


With an extended sunpad on the foredeck and a dinette that converts into a sun-bathing space the options of lounging around are plentiful. With the flip of a backrest the opposed seating can become forward-facing benches for guests to use, when the boat is flying along at a potential cruising speed of 40 knots with the larger twin engines.


Originating from a vision to create a boat fleet that has never existed before, Saxdor boats are built with the highest standards of cutting-edge technologies and attention to safety.


The 320 GTO is all about having fun and the sundeck is your ultimate location on the boat. Enjoy the sun!


The lower deck is bursting with natural light thanks to the two big Lewmar hatches in the cabin roof.


The wetbar is located right in the middle (can vary on the chosen layout) and is the center of the party. Are you ready to cook?


Length (excl. engine)10.28 m
Beam3.10 m
Draft0.86 m
PassengersB: 6 / C: 9
ClassificationB Offshore / C Coastal
Fuel tank428 l
Water tank117 l
Outboard engines300 hp – 600 hp
Cruising speed32 – 45 knots
ConstructionVacuum infused GRP
Hull designTwin-stepped V20° Hull


Twin-sofa with aft sunbed
Front cabin


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